Part Time Jobs Near Me, And How To Find Them!

Part Time Jobs Near Me

How To Find Part Time Jobs And What They Are Good For

      What Are Side Jobs Good For?

      Part time jobs near me currently offer a way to learn new skills and trades. However, most people think getting a part time job is for students or individuals who are in between jobs.  However in my opinion they allow people to find a new profession they may never knew could become a passion!  Before you sit yourself in a cubical because society says “You Made It” when you have a standard 8am-5pm job. Try a few part time gigs and see whats right for YOU not society! Best of luck during your job searching, and we are always here to help!

      Student Looking For Part Time Work?

      With High School graduation right around the corner, and the 2017 college school year about to start most of the student jobs this summer are going to be gone within the next few months!  Do not be caught on campus with no money because you took to long finding a part time job while you were in school.  Fortunately Snag A Job updates 10,000 plus jobs daily! Sign up and find all the part time jobs for students for the 2017 college school year!

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      Salary Expectations For Part Time Jobs Near Me

      A basic hourly rate calculation for part time jobs near me is to determine how much full time employees are being paid for that position divided by the number of hours worked for that position. For example:

      Say a full time salary is $35,000 annually. First you divide $35,000 by how many months are in the year.

      $35,000 / 12 months = $2916.66 (A month)

      Now we take that amount and divide it by how many weeks are in a typical month, being four.

      2916.66 / 4 = 729.16 (A week)

      Now that we know a full time employee would make roughly $729.16 a week.  We can work on some final calculations to get a range of what you should be paid as a part time hourly employee.

      729.16 / 5 = $145.83 (A day assuming Monday – Friday work week)

      Now to break down what your hourly rate should be.  Divide the daily rate by how many hours a full time employee works during the week, typically being eight hours.

      $145.83 / 8 = $18.22 (this should be your hourly unburdened rate)

      What is the difference between burdened and unburdened pay?

      Burdened labor costs relates to what a company must pay for the employee beyond salary expectations; such as, insurance, 401 k benefits, pension, education support.  Sometimes when negotiating salaries with a company ask what type of benefits come with the position.  Turning down a job due to pay rate without knowing what the company pays towards burden cost could make it worth a small pay cut.

      Unburdened Labor costs relates to just what an employee paid to do a job minus all the other payments the company is making behind the scenes.  Understanding what the average percentage a company pays towards burden costs can testify to a companies value to their employees!

      Still Deciding On A College For 2017?

      Over 41% of students rely on financial aid to pay for college, which means 41% of students are graduating or dropping out of college in massive debt!  Rather than just giving in and using financial aide, why not start looking for a part time job to pay for books rather than using financial aide?  The more you can pay for as you go saves you thousands of dollars at the end of the day!  Use the below link we provided so students looking to work part time can save some money while earning their education.
      part time jobs near me

      Tips For Managing Work Life Balance?

      Effectively managing a work life balance applies to everyone!  Companies forget sometimes that employees have a second job when they leave work, which is LIFE!  In order for employees to be an effective resource for a company they need to know that upper management respects they have obligations out side of the office.  Companies that work with their employees on managing work life balance will find higher morale and increased productivity.  The way to manage work life balance is to break your day down into thirds.  8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work, 8 hours of leisure, giving you a 24 hour day! An employee who knows upper management or a company understands they need time away from work will produce 100% better than an employee who thinks they are being taken advantage of. 

      Warehouse Side Jobs Near Me

      Below we have listed another engine to assist in finding warehouse part time jobs near me.  Warehouse work can be physically demanding with long 12 hour shifts.  However, may skilled labor abilities are taught during warehouse work.  Below are the most needed warehouse jobs for 2017 near you!

      Part Time Logistics Jobs

      Logistics jobs are an excellent way to get submerged into a company even through part time work.  Logistics involves detailed coordination of many people within a company, all of the facilities and supplies.  When working in logistics employees can meet peers throughout many areas of the company leading to full time careers. Check out part time logistic jobs near you!

      ForkLift Part Time Hourly Positions

      On average forklift operators make around $15 an hour. However, experience and certifications can raise that hourly rate to over $25 an hour.  Forklift operator jobs are always in high demand, especially during the holiday seasons.  Locate all the forklift part time jobs near you.


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