What part-time job could I do to supplement my income?

That is a great question!

However, to answer correctly depends on each individual. The reason I say this is because supplement would mean to me increase an already established income.

So the question really is, what are your goals with your extra line of income??

I previously answered a similar question which is below. Best of luck to you!


There was a similar question to this asked about a year ago however it was along the lines of how important it was to stay in the same job for a long period of time. However if you look at the importance in current times of staying with the same employer (WHICH IS CLOSE TO NOTHING!) Then you may ask this question differently… Not how do I get a new job? But where and why should I get a new job?

The harsh but honest truth is you get nothing out of staying with the same company for 25 years like you used to! When you retire almost all companies are now offering 401k plans where you can save for your own retirement. Before if you stayed with a company for over 20 years you might land a healthy pension plan. However now a days that is almost never the case. With that being said I do have to play devils advocate and say if you want to be strongly considered for positions with new companies it is important to show some sort of longevity in a position.

I ran a generations at work training last year and most generation X and baby boomers stated that millennials did not know how to sit tight in one position, they are always looking for the next best opportunity. Well when we stepped back and I showed them the advances in technology that millennials have been around their entire lives it helped paint a better picture for them. The latest and greatest phone comes out every two months it seems, game consoles practically play themselves. When they began to understand millennials have been used to a fast pace changing environment most if not all of their lives, they began to understand why millennials seem to not stay complacent in one job for very long. Its simple, your looking for the next best thing! And the honest truth.. There is nothing wrong with that!

When you start your job search again, start looking what those companies have to offer down the road as you move up in your career. That way your resume can show progress within one company instead of 3 or 4 entirely different organizations. Then when you interview outside your current company they can see:

  1. Yes you moved positions frequently.
    1. However! It was within the same organization showing you have the ability to adapt to different areas within a company.

I have another unique stance to bring to the table.

(At the end of this article you might be surprised!)

I am a firm believer that with the right attitude and drive you can land any job you want without a degree. With the exception of careers that require licencing / certifications like a heart or brain surgeon!

In my personal experiences interviewing and hiring. I have found that individuals with even the best educational background or even intern experience do not have the soft skills, or emotional intelligence to truly thrive in the positions available. How to find a great job takes more than just having the education or ability to perform the task your applying for. Most employers are looking at what YOU as a person can bring to the company.

Example: New position available for a business marketing professional opens.

Candidate 1: Someone who just graduated with a degree in business marketing and has been taught how to analyze past advertising data and fortune 500 best practices. Graduated college with a 4.0 GPA and remained on the deans list throughout their college education. However has only worked part time jobs throughout their life to this point.

Candidate 2: Someone who started working for a non-profit organization right out of high school. Began as an entry level customer service representative than after 3 years with the company moved into a marketing position in charge of creating and developing new ways to reach targeted leads. This individual successfully developed 4 separate cooperate outings, gathering mid to large size organizations throughout the United States to become partners in the non-profit organization essentially growing the overall members by 30%.

Who Gets Hired?

  • In my opinion I take candidate 2! Although this person does not have the educational background that candidate 1 has, they have displayed the ability to not only expand a business (Business marketing majors goal). They also understand what it means to make a name for themselves within an organization (pride beats papers).
  • I would trust that candidate 2 would have the drive to further help the younger generation joining our company because they understand and remember what it was like work hard for their chance. This is where emotional intelligence can play a HUGE role in the hiring process!

Many companies still have the mind set that without a bachelors degree your out! I personally say to these companies you are missing out on amazing talent! Some candidates could grab the best careers without a degree just by showing what you can bring to the table and what hard-work looks like!

Now for the surprise at the end!

  • I have worked as a web/applications developer, EMT/Firefighter, flood specialists for a financial institution, IT help desk manager, HR trainer and development specialists and a project manager for a network and telcom services industry leader. The kicker!! No degrees besides a high school diploma that I am proud to have earned! I have some certifications that I gathered along the way. But hard work and the true desire to grow with a company and the colleagues I work with has placed me in some of the best careers without a degree!

To state things plainly.. Never sell yourself short because of lifes misfortunes or speed bumps. If you have the desire to succeed and be something great, then get out there and do it! Best of luck to you!

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